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Get Involved

Plumia Speaker Series

Each month, we organize free public talks showcasing the work of technologists, academics, policymakers, authors, founders, activists, and other changemakers who want to bring about a more borderless world.

The one-hour virtual events feature Plumia Executive Director, Lauren Razavi, in conversation with a guest speaker, followed by a live audience Q&A.

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Our previous guest speakers include:

In case you’re not able to tune in live, the recordings are always uploaded to our YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe there to avoid missing out.

Digital Nomadism Is a New Form of Activism — Parag Khanna
The acclaimed strategist and bestselling author joins the Plumia Speaker Series to discuss the future of digital nomads and global mobility.Whether you mean it to be or not, the act of migration is always political. That’s according to Dr. Parag Khanna, an internationally renowned expert in geopolit…
Understanding Technology’s Role in Borderless Dispute Resolution with Sophie Nappert
Did you know that a court decision in France technically holds no bearing in most other countries? If you think about it, the concept makes sense. France is a sovereign nation and other sovereign nations are not necessarily obligated to respect its laws (and vice versa). While this is the
How to Build a Censorship-Resistant World with Santiago Siri
Governments have a lot of power. While this can yield good outcomes like civil rights, governments that are too powerful almost always become corrupt. Because the power-to-corruption pathway is all but guaranteed in government, it’s not enough to trust the few good deeds and ignore the looming threa…

Plumia Town Halls

At least once a month, we host virtual town hall events, which are pretty similar to physical town hall meetings. Each session showcases a Plumia project and involves a combination of presentation, break-out rooms, and audience Q&A.

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Here’s a rundown of some examples to give you a taste:

🌐 Website Relaunch: Sabrina Faramarzi gives a tour of Plumia’s new website and provides information on how we built it, what content it showcases, and where you can find everything, as well as our plans for future iterations.

​📱 Plumia App: Sebastien Arbogast introduces the new app he’s building for Plumia members including a high-level overview of the project, as well as ways community members can contribute, collaborate and provide feedback as the MVP version takes shape.

🛂 Nomad Visas Policy Work: Lauren Razavi presents Plumia's policy work with governments and international institutions, with insights into her 10-year vision for the Plumia passport and interim steps to get there.

Plumia Discord Server

Our Discord server is a place for Plumia community members to continue the conversation between our events. It's like a virtual town square—a place for ideas, debate, updates, socializing, and more.

Joining Discord is the best way to hear about the latest Plumia Open Briefs, which offer cash prize and distribution opportunities for winning entries. We also invite members of the Discord community to beta-test our new products (soon to include nomad visas!)

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Plumia Open Briefs

More details coming soon.

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