About Plumia

Plumia is the moonshot mission to build an internet country for digital nomads, starting with a next-generation passport. It's an umbrella brand for SafetyWing's efforts to increase the global mobility rights of people everywhere, whether it's through launching new products or co-designing policy with governments.

Work on the Plumia project is undertaken without any expectation of near-term profitability or other benefit. SafetyWing measures Plumia's performance based on the positive impact and social value it generates, as well as its progress towards the ultimate internet country goal.

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✦ Mission & Values ✦

Visit our Manifesto page for more about the ideas that drive our work.

✦ 10-Year Roadmap ✦

Visit our Roadmap page to see our plans for the next decade.

✦ Plumia FAQs ✦

Visit our FAQs page for more specific questions and to suggest new ones.

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