Contact Plumia

Contact Plumia

✦ Plumia Talks ✦

To propose a guest for the Plumia Talks, please fill in this form. If you have questions or feedback about the sessions, please email

✦ Write for Us ✦

If you have a story idea for the Plumia Blog, please read our pitching guidelines and email Barbara Jovanovic at

✦ Community ✦

For queries regarding membership, applications, onboarding, Discord issues, Town Halls, or other community matters, please email

✦ Press & Media ✦

If you have a press or media request for Plumia, please email Stefan Heggelund at

✦ Speaking Enquiries ✦

To book Plumia Executive Director Lauren Razavi as a speaker, please email Alma Dijkstra at

✦ Anything Else ✦

For anything else, please send us a message at

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