Plumia Team

Lauren Razavi, Executive Director

Lauren Razavi is Director of Special Projects at SafetyWing. She leads the Plumia mission and is host of the Plumia Speaker Series. Lauren is an award-winning writer, speaker, and strategist, and author of the book Global Natives and the newsletter Counterflows about remote work and borderless living.

Barbara Jovanovic, Head of Content

Barbara Jovanovic is a Serbian-born visual artist, content marketer, and creative project manager. She is responsible for commissioning research and content across SafetyWing's media platforms, including the Plumia Blog, Building Remotely and Borderless. Send her your ideas:

Namira Abdulgani, Head of Creative

Namira Abdulgani is an Indonesian-born multimedia artist and experience designer based in Florida and New York. She is responsible for Plumia's branding and visual design. Namira's artistic practice spans moving images, immersive participatory installations, experimental storytelling, and creative curation.

Sam Claassen, Head of Growth

Sam Claassen is a growth marketer and indie maker. He is responsible for growth strategy and operations at Plumia and SafetyWing. Sam also writes the interview-based growth marketing newsletter Heads of Growth.

Stefan Heggelund, Press & Media Manager

Stefan Heggelund is Head of Communications at SafetyWing. He is responsible for press and media enquiries at Plumia. Stefan is a strategic communications expert and previously served as an MP in Norway.

Sabrina Faramarzi, Project Manager

Sabrina Faramarzi is data storyteller and cultural trends researcher. She supports on digital infrastructure and systems design at Plumia. Sabrina is founder of the Berlin-based data and creative agency Dust In Translation, and co-founder of the Feminist Internet collective.

Forest Hall, Community Manager

Forest Hall is a community builder and digital nomad. He is responsible for member onboarding, community events, and Discord moderation at Plumia. Forest is also President of Free Haven Community Initiative, a poverty alleviation non-profit supporting communities in Zambia.

Ebony-Storm Halladay, Events Producer

Ebony-Storm Halladay is a writer and digital content specialist. She is producer of the Plumia Speaker Series, a virtual event series exploring the nomad movement and internet countries. Ebony's writing on remote work, entrepreneurship, and technology regularly appears on The Next Web.

Contributing Writers

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