About Plumia

Plumia is the umbrella project for SafetyWing's efforts to increase the global mobility rights of people everywhere. It operates as a think tank, generating research, policy, products and ideas to level the playing field across borders.

SafetyWing is a technology company on a mission to build a country on the internet, starting with a global social safety net of insurance products. Founded in 2018 by three Norwegian digital nomads, our team today consists of 200 people from 70+ countries worldwide. We’re a Y Combinator alumni company and we’ve raised $50 million in venture capital funding so far.

We’re building solutions to create equal opportunity among the citizens of different countries. We recognize the potential of the internet and remote work to remove outdated barriers to free movement. We believe people should enjoy the freedom to live and work anywhere, whatever the coincidence of their birthplace or heritage.

✦ Plumia Community ✦

To learn more about our work and the ideas driving it, join the next Plumia cohort and get involved in our online community of nomads, technologists and global citizens:

Join the Community
Ready to join Plumia on Discord?

✦ Nomad Border Pass ✦

If you work in government or policy, read about our multi-country visa program to help bring top global talent to your country and boost your economic development and innovation ecosystems:

Nomad Border Pass: Information for Governments
Ready to build a brighter future? Learn how governments can get involved with our new multi-country visa program for digital nomads.

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