Plumia FAQs

What is Plumia?

Plumia is the umbrella project for SafetyWing's efforts to increase the global mobility rights of people everywhere. It operates as a think tank, generating research, policy, products and ideas to level the playing field across borders.

SafetyWing is a Y Combinator company on a mission to build a country on the internet, starting with a global social safety net of insurance products. Founded in 2018, it has raised $50 million in venture capital funding so far.

What is the Plumia community?

The Plumia community is a group of people interested in bringing about a borderless world and who hope to be future citizens of the internet country we’re building at SafetyWing. Visit our Community page to join.

Community members attend our virtual events, such as the Plumia cohorts, and continue the conversation in our Discord between live sessions. We also invite our community to beta-test new products and contribute directly to the Plumia mission through community projects.

What is the Nomad Border Pass?

The Nomad Border Pass is a new global mobility tool we're building to facilitate digital nomad travel. It allows nomads to apply for a single visa and receive pre-approved access to multiple participating countries for up to 90 days of remote work per visit.

The program enters its beta testing phase in 2024, with a full public launch in 2025.

How can I work for Plumia?

New openings for full-time positions at SafetyWing and Plumia are posted on this page.

Do you have another question?

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