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Foundations for a Country on the Internet

Foundations for a Country on the Internet
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What is water? A proverbial fish.

A country on the internet

Human beings have a finite cognitive capacity, and since we have to navigate a world of boundless complexity we have to take many things for granted. But when the old models don’t fit it is up to the bold to challenge the old, to preserve what is worth preserving and progress towards a brighter future.The nation state is one of those ideas that are so deeply ingrained in us that we have to think hard to even consider an alternative. For hundreds of years the citizenship you have been born with has not only determined what opportunities are available, but also been a core part of our identity. It is easy to forget that in the course of human history, the nation state is a relatively new invention and that national boundaries are inherently arbitrary. This is not to say that the nation state does not serve a purpose: It does. This is rather a call to those who want to think about and help shape the ways we as humans organize ourselves in the world of tomorrow.Plumia is a dream of a country on the internet. Recognizing that countries are tools with a purpose, we aim to build infrastructure that supports freedom and opportunity for everyone. The mission is to cultivate wholesome citizens and communities in a borderless world. We have a direction and a purpose, but the path will be created as we move forward. For now we seek to establish a founding chapter of the people who will walk this path and help build this cathedral.

Nomads are living in the wild west

And just like those pioneers set out for the new world two centuries ago, digital nomads in 2020 live lives of unprecedented freedom and opportunity. But they also face difficulties on their journey. While there are fewer bands of roving bandits today, living without access to a social safety net can be perilous. Yet there are many to which the call to adventure is a voice that has to be obeyed, and the number of digital nomads in the world has shot up in the last decade.

Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she with silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

—Emma Lazarus, inscription of the Statue of LibertyAfter the first bold pioneers had established their farmsteads they wrote home to their friends and family in the old world.Remote work was already bound to change the way we live and work. But then a global pandemic in 2020 accelerated this trend faster than anyone could have imagined. Hundreds of millions of workers have found that they are more productive and enjoy their life more by skipping the commute and working from wherever makes them happier. As more and more companies find that they can leverage remote work to access a global talent pool, it is inevitable that the world will become more interconnected. Friendships and communities will be more intentional.Where would you want to live if work was not a factor? In a community of like-minded people? Somewhere where you can afford the dream house for yourself and your family? Or perhaps nowhere and everywhere as a digital nomad? Being limited to live in a small geographic area on the planet due to having been born with a certain passport severely limits the ability of human beings to pursue happy and healthy lives according to their own desires.Living in the wild west was liberating and exciting, but it was hard. Life became much better with the access to medical doctors and a trusty sheriff. In order for the world of tomorrow to thrive, we need to build an infrastructure that allows and promotes human flourishing. This is the mission of Plumia.

Plumia is founded on five principles

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The first principle is authentic participation. Plumia has a strong purpose, but ideas are only strong if they can make people act in the world. Building the future is fun! It will be rewarding to see the cathedral when it is built, but the process should be rewarding at every step, from putting down the cornerstone to shaping the gargoyles and spires. Being a citizen of Plumia is something you choose, and you choose it because you want to contribute.The second principle is that all problems are solvable. Human ingenuity is boundless. We start with a dream of a brighter future, then we apply our intellect, curiosity and sweat. Then we win and win again.The third principle is be of service. A community of people who wish each other to succeed is one that is fit to succeed. And helping others is a good way to both success and happiness. Ask both what you can do for your country and what your country can do for you.The fourth principle is that improvements are always possible. Never underestimate the power of incremental improvements. Superpowers do not come from radioactive spiders, but by improving every day.The fifth principle is start with a strong foundation. We build something that is made to last. Something that will be truly wonderful when we succeed. While improvements are always possible, setting out in the right direction is also important.

How to get involved

If You Don’t Make Stuff, There Is No Stuff"

—Elon Musk

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We are looking for founding citizens and leaders to make the dream of Plumia manifest. What kind of world would you like to live in? What is the most important thing you could be doing right now?A good country like a good community cannot be perfectly sketched out on a desk. It is created through the interactions of human beings. People like you.

Who are we looking for?

  • Leaders and contributors in remote work and nomadic space
  • Creative, hopeful and entrepreneurial people who work remotely
  • People who want to grow, solve problems, shape their communities and the future, together

What happens when you apply?

You will receive an email with more information, and if we think you are a good fit, we will book an interview to see where in the organization you can best contribute and introduce you to the inner workings and the next steps for how we can make sure your skills and time are most effectively applied.You will be part of both a geographical organization (a Plumia Nest) and a global community based on area of expertise (a Plumia Flock).Have questions or ideas? Email

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